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Money Race

Money Race is for the player that are dexterous, sharp-witted and with high team spirit. In that game you have to use both – your brain and feet. Because that’s what you do if you compete for money!

It is a free movement orientation game on a field that demands strategic planning throughout the game. It’s all about teamwork!

How do we play this game?

At the beginning there will be formed teams of 5-6 participants. In 2,5 hours they have to race through as many check points as possible. Each team will get a tablet computer with a map for navigation. You have to plan your route carefully, because different check points have different values. The more difficult points and the further distance ones give you more virtual money that the closer ones.

Read further for more details!

There are 4 exercise check points in the game 

Solving special exercises will give you great amount of virtual money. You can choose, if you spend more time in solving these exercises or collecting money on a move. Exercises are fun and demand benefit of all team members.

In addition there are toll zones in the game. You have to avoid these zones; otherwise you will lose your virtual money from your account. Winner is the team, who collects more money in 2,5 hours.

The game can be adapted to meet the needs of your company or team – add questions or team exercises on the topics from the day’s workshop, video messages from the boss, pictures of products, or audio files to guess the voices from your company’s office. Customized game is a special project and there is a project management fee of 25 € + VAT / h.

  • We provide all the preparations and organization, as well as a prize for the best team.
  • Money Race can be carried out everywhere in Estonia, at lodging establishments or in cities.
  • It also works in the dark! We will provide a LED headlamp for every participant.
  • Group sizes: 10 to 100 people; three to five people per team
  • The game lasts about 3 hours including the introduction and review.
  • The game can be conducted in Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish.

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Group size                    Price per person
40 - 80 participants             19 €
81 - 120 participants           15 €
121 - 300 participants         13 €

20% VAT will be added to the price

To order

For additional information or to order an event, contact Tiina: +372 56632979 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




  • Money race suits best for your company summer or winter gatherings
  • Group size 40-300
  • All year around (also in dark)
  • Time: 2,5h
  • © 360 KRAADI creation 2014



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