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Kakerdaja bogshoeing

All year round

Ancient wetland with brown coloured lake.

Kakerdaja bog is a part of Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve, which is protected area in Järva county, about an hour drive from Tallinn

Kakerdaja bog is one of the most beatiful bogs in Estonia. This is a place which you must visit. In this bog you can see everything characteristic to a raised bog: mirror smooth bog pools, insidious

hallows, soft and springy peat moss and a bog lake which is named after a rare bird ­ Black-throated loon (Gavia arctica). In summer time it is possible to swim in this brown coloured lake,

it is believed that swimming in the bog makes you seven years younger. There is also a wooden broadwalk in Kakerdaja bog ­ which leads you to a lake side. At the beginning of hiking

trail there is a camping place and a fireplace.

About Kakerdaja

Kakerdaja wetland is more than 8000 years old, our ancestors realized how special this place is and created a sanctum on a bog island. They belived in animism ­ that all living creatures on the planet

have a soul. In addition these bog islands were later on used also as a shelters in an emergency (war), strangers did not know the track leading to the bog island and for them this area were almost inaccessible.

Bog is a magical land. There are plenty of old curved and stunted pine trees (Estonian bonsais), on our hike we will stop next to one of these trees to explain why pine trees growing in the bogs have

such an extraordinary shapes.

Bogs have a special odor which is strong but fresh. This is a smell of typical bog plant ­ labradors tea (Rhododendron tomentosum). Old Estonians used this “magical” plant to cure different diseases. There are many other powerful herbs growing in the bogs. Maybe you will find your special herb!?


Marc – December


5-6 hours (includes transportation from Tallinn and back)


To join a group or request a tour, contact or phone: +372 56668172



Group size up to 12 people 360 eur + VAT

Group size 12 and more people 30 eur/per person + VAT