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Increasing Turnover

All year round

Practice makes perfect!

The benefit of this game is higher when played by the larger group from the same company. While playing this game, you can also improve collaboration skills of your team, along with increasing turnover. Received experience can be easily used in everyday life. There is no competition in the game, all the participants have the same aim to work for.
„Increasing turnover“ is very dynamic game which involves several activities on the field. The players will have to handle unexpected situations. Participants will have to think and find the way to increase the virtual turnover all together.

How do we play the game?

We will provide teams with different equipment, which will help them throughout the game: tablet computer, communication devices, suitcases with important documents and tools. Among the equipment there is also a business journal “Baltic Business Quarterly”, which provides the information about business and investments in the Baltic states. In the journal you will find information about well-known business companies and the new players on the market. “Baltic Business Quarterly” gives opportunity to compare, dream and set goals. However, this journal has also an important role in solving the tasks.
There are several rules your team has to follow while moving around, answering questions and solving assignments. In order to guarantee involvement of each team member, players will be divided into smaller groups (5-6 participants). However, all of you will have one common goal – to increase turnover of your company!
In this game communication is very important, as well as support and quick information exchange, and of course coordination of the common activity for the whole team is needed.

Need a challenge?

There is no competition in the game. However, you can compare the results with your competitors, colleagues and etc. Challenges between different departments, partner companies or even competitors are possible. Numbers do not lie and we will take care of equal conditions. Let us know about your wishes while booking the game.


Group size                        Price per person

20 – 40 participants               32 €
41 – 80 participants                26 €
81 – 120 participants              21 €

22% VAT will be added to the price


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