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Bitcoin mining

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Have an adventure together with your colleagues and earn some bitcoins!

In 2018 everybody is dreaming about a huge amount of bitcoins! In a new fun team building activity you can “mine” bitcoin coins and keep them for real! This game is like a real gold mine, not only winners will get bitcoins, there is enough for everyone!

Move around in small teams, figure out solutions and solve the tasks. The more skilful the team is, the more bitcoins they will collect!

This game is a great choice for company summer events!

In this game the players will move around a lot, but there will be no need to rush, though. During the game players will participate also in several classical summer event activities, with active team building games.

There is not need to dig in this game, no electricity is needed, and no computers or other gadgets will be used. But there is a plenty of sports and real orientating in the game. To get bitcoins you would need a map and the cleverness of your teammates. You will look for the right locations on the field and solve different tasks together. If you have some smart ideas, use knowledge and creativity and you answer correctly, you will receive bitcoins as a reward. As soon as your team will receive first bitcoins there is a possibility to invest them in order to receive more coins in return. When completing more complicated task you can earn more bitcoins. Each team will make their own decisions.

Teamwork is essential!

All together there are 12 different teamwork activities in this game! Teams will have to pass the spider web, do some fishing, build the bridge and participate in other thrilling activities which we will keep secret for now. Tasks in the Bitcoin mining game are diverse and have different levels of difficulty, in order to keep all participants active throughout the game.

The game will suit well as a main activity for your company summer event.

Play together with your foreign colleagues.

This game is a great choice if your foreign colleagues are taking part in the event. The information about the game is given in tree languages: English, Estonian and Russian. You can either make teams according to the country or make mixed teams, to make it more even.

  • Players: 30-300
  • Game lasts for 2,5 – 3 hours
  • You can play in different places in Estonia. This game is not suitable for towns (in Tallinn it is possible to play in The Estonian Open Air Museum)
  • Season: all year round during the day time.

*the bitcoins you will receive during the game are made of real metal and you can keep them after the game.

Bitcoin meeskonnatöö mäng


To order

There is only one set of equipment for this game, so do not hesitate if you are searching for the great corporate summer event and contact


Group size                   Price per person

30 – 80 participants             28 €
81 – 120 participants            23 €
121 – 300 participants         20 €

22% VAT will be added to the price

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