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Bogshoeing in Kõnnu-Suursoo

All year round

A place where you have to go when you visit Estonia!

Suru Suursoo bog is near to Lahemaa National Park and Suursoo bog is part of  Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve, which is protected area in Harju county, about an hour drive from capital city Tallinn.

Suru Suursoo is one of the most adventurous and ancient bogs in Estonia. Usually it is so private place that you do not see anybody else and the silence is soo loud that at first it may hurt your ears.

For walking in the bog on sphagnum moss which feels like soft carpet, we use the bog shoes. This helpful footwear prevents us from sinking through the sphagnum moss. Thanks to the bog shoes we can discover places which people cannot reach by foot.

Can you imagine a place where you can see the large open field of wetland, old curved pine trees?

(Estonian bonsais), brown coloured bog pools and sneaky hallows. Bogs are ancient and marvelous. More mystery adds a fact that Suru Suursoo was a part of closed area for 50 years where regular

people could not go. Why it was like that? Come to the bog shoeing tour and you will find it out when we are standing in the the bog between bog pools and hallows.

You can also explore the bog by wooden broadwalk which will lead you to watching tower where you can enjoy nice view over the wetland. Watching tower is situated almost in the center of the bog and it is a great spot where you can make some nice pictures and admire the complicated pattern of the bog.


March – December


5-6 hours (includes transportation from Tallinn and back)


To join a group or request a tour, contact or phone: +372 56668172


Group size up to 12 people 360 eur+ VAT

Group size 12 and more people 30 eur /per person+ VAT

Price includes transport from Tallinn and back (for Group until 8 persons), hot tea with sandwiches and sweet snack, guide, bogshoes, rubber wellies ( on demand) and hiking gaiters.

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