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How to dress for bogshoeing tour

In order to enjoy the hike, it is important to wear suitable clothes. Here are our remarks that could help you to choose the best clothes for the tour.

  • choose the clothes according to the weather.
  • Sometimes in our hikes, we can find ourselves also in thickets. So, new white costume is not the best choice.
  • It may be quite windy in the bogs.
  • Wear several layers. During the hike, it is good to have possibility to take off or put on clothes according to the need.
  • Prefer synthetic or wool clothes. Avoid cotton! Cotton is not keeping warm when it is wet and dries very slow.
  • In the winter, it is the best to wear hiking-boots. Rubber-boots are suitable in warm season.
  • Shoes and sneakers are not good choice to wear in the bog.
  • Hiking gaiters are provided by us. They will protect the snow getting into your shoe.
  • Take extra warm socks with you. They will be needed if your feet gets wet or cold.

If you should have more questions about clothes, call your guide  or call +372 56668172