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Combined canoe and snowshoe trip in Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve

1 päev



On this trip, we row on the Soodla River that runs between the natural scenery of Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve. In the beginning of the trip, the river is naturally narrow and winding, eventually we get to the large reservoir of Soodla Reservoir. In the meantime, we eat lunch and take a snowshoe hike to the morasses of the Koitjärve Bog. Seeing so many different landscapes within a short period of time is possible due to the diverse nature of Kõrvemaa.
We put the canoes in the water by the bridge of Koitjärv. Rowing on a narrow and winding river amidst the habitats of beavers is a good opportunity to improve teamwork. There are not many places in Estonia where a bog and a river meet. The distance between the bog and river is only about twenty metres by the bridge of Koitjärv.
Further down, the river starts to become wider and straighter. Soon, we will reach Soodla Reservoir that resembles a forest lake with high shores. It is actually one of the largest artificial water bodies in Estonia that performs the tasks of the water reservoir of Tallinn. We will have a nice picnic on the shore of the reservoir. The trip comes to an end at the easternmost point of Soodla Reservoir.

Level of difficulty

Easy, does not require prior canoeing nor snowshoe hike experience.


The duration of the trip is one day. We shall travel about 10 km rowing and about 3 km hiking on foot.

The package includes:

• the use of a complete canoeing equipment set (canoe, paddle, lifejacket)
• the use of snowshoes
• tour guiding
• waterproof packing bags
• picnic lunch


The price of the trip is 59€ + VAT per participant. The minimal size of the group is 12 people.

Reservations and additional information phone number: +372 56668172