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Additions for bogshoeing tour

Choose one of the following activity to spice up your bogshoeing tour. The addition do not change the lenght of the tour.

There are hundreds of different bogshoes used in the world. Wooden, plastic, metal, handmade etc etc. Which ones are most suitable for wich purpose? We will introduce different type of bogshoes – talk about its history and learn how to make your own bogshoes? Which names have been used for bogshoes in the history? Were they really used already thousands of years ago? When Estonians started to use bogshoes? Is it true that we have also bogshoes for horses? These and many other questions will be answered during the training.


It is a simple and cheerful game which will be played during the tour. It can be played individually or in teams. You will get a paper with simple questions about nature. Tourguide will talk about these themes during the tour and you can get the answers while walking around and listening him/her. Tha game lasts within whole tour or until someone someone shout “BINGO”. Bogshoing tours are very different in each season therefore we have set of different games. We will see lot of animal footprints at the winter time. So we will play Footprint bingo. Autumn is a high season of bog, then we prepare Bog bingo for you.