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Türisalu cliff fatbike tour

all year round

These bikes have wider tires which helps us to discover places where one can´t go with regular MTB. It is possible to ride longer distance with less effort and see much more.

Our aim during this trip is to reach Türisalu cliff that is about 30 meters high limestone plateau, which offers a good view to the sea and to Vääna beach. Along the border of the sky and the sea it is pleasant to conquer the terrain with fatbikes

We start our tour from Keila – Joa manor park. 300 years old manor is surrounded by the nature park where you can enjoy view on 6 meters high waterfall. We will follow direction of the Keila river and ride parallel with the river inside the valley on little paths. Soon we will reach sandy pine forrest by the sea, this is former soviet border protection zone which was closed for civilians more than 50 years. Nowadays this well preserved nature is a landscape protection area.

Terrain in the forrest is exciting and bumpy, sand on the beach is soft and smooth. Fatbikes move on sandy beach quite effortlessly. Have you ever thought that cycling in the sand can be fun and easy? Well now you have opportunity to try it!


While riding on the beach you can enjoy view on 31 meters high Türisalu cliff. Enough of just watching, lets conquer it, little path inside the forest will lead us up on top of the cliff, you can enjoy nice panorama of Finnish gulf.

If there is enough time, it is also possible to cycle under the cliff on a narrow sandy and rocky beach to see and understand this beautiful nature monument even better.

This diverse journey will touch your heart and leave unforgettable memories. In this trip we will see Estonian wild nature – pine forests, sandy beach, 31 m cliff, narrow and exciting trails and enjoy beautiful views



About 3 hours.


Easy, suitable for beginners.

What´s included?

Bike helmet, reflecting vests


49€ per person + VAT (minimum price 490€)

More informaton

To join a group or request a tour, contact or phone: +372 56668172


Organisation fee for groups 12-20 persons:

49€ + VAT per participant( picnic is excluded)
57€  + VAT per participant(picnic in included).

The price includes:
Trail quide services
Use of a fatbike.
Helmet, reflective vest and large bicycle bag phone: +372 56668172

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