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Canoe trip along the river to a bogshoe hike in the bog

Kuni 45
Spring, summer, autumn

An exciting adventure where you can row to the bog with a canoe.

Have you canoed before? What about with a jumbo canoe? Have you rowed to the bog with a jumbo canoe? This trip is a mellow adventure on a forest river where beavers live, there are birds singing in the coniferous forest and, to top that off, we will, for a change, go to the bog with snowshoes.

On this trip, we are on the winding Jägala River in Southern Kõrvemaa that runs between the forests. We will put the canoes into the water at Simisalu bridge. The river is relatively straight with a few sharp bends. It is a mighty feeling to row on this river, because it is possible to see many signs of beaver activity and the landscape there makes you look and listen.
Exactly at that point when you have acquainted yourself with rowing, we will switch the topic and go straight to the bog from the riverbank. We will take with us our snowshoes that offer some freedom of movement in the bog, without us damaging the soil of the bog. In spite of its young age, the Seli Bog has everything a bog must have: bog pools, hollows, shrubs and peat moss.
In addition to everything, there is a lake and an observation tower in the bog with a height of 4 metres where you can take a glance at the surrounding landscape. We will talk about the bog and the animals who might be living there, we will take a glance at the bog plants and explore what they might cure. And there is no way around our shoes that keep us half way on this solid water.
When we have seen all the exciting places, we will eat our hiking food and take some time to let the food settle. After eating and talking, we will head back towards Simisalu. When our stomachs are full and we are feeling good, we do not need to do anything besides chatting and enjoying the nature because we will be travelling downstream.

Accommodation recommendation:

A decent and new accommodation establishment is a 10-minute drive away – Jäägri Villa. If you wish to manage your accommodation yourself, you can find Simisalu Nature House close by (only 300 m from the starting point of the trip) that can accommodate 59 people, there is a sauna, a kitchen and ballparks.

Level of difficulty

Easy, does not require prior canoeing nor snowshoe hike experience.


The whole trip takes about 4–5 hours, which is just the right activity after a seminar. We will travel about 8 km rowing and about 4 km on foot.

The package includes:

  • the use of a complete canoeing equipment set (canoe, paddle, lifejacket)
  • the use of snowshoes
  • tour guiding
  • waterproof packing bags
  • lunch

Contact phone: +372 56668172


The price of the trip is 55€ + VAT per participant. The minimal group size is 12 people.


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