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A well-thought-out strategy provides an advantage in Loquiz!

In this game, the team must make decisions about a suitable strategy and the right direction, be ready to take risks, and put their knowledge to the test.

Loquiz is an innovative outdoors quiz game, which is won by the team that answers the fewest number of questions. However, this game is different from all others – we are the first in the world to utilize a completely new type of game software designed for 10” tablet computers. Thus, you see the game plan conveniently on a large screen and can plan your path from start to finish.

At the beginning of the game, the team must decide together which strategy to choose. Would it make more sense to spend time on moving around and answering more questions, or to accept penalty points but gain in time? Do you take bigger risks and rely on your knowledge? Who decides quicker and makes the right choices?

Loquiz is a perfect game for ending a workshop or training day, since it is a combination of team training, knowledge and an enjoyable pastime. The game is also a good way to get to know the sights of the area in an unusual way.

The game can be adapted to meet the needs of your company or team – add questions on the topics from the day’s workshop, video messages from the boss, pictures of products, or audio files to guess the voices from your company’s office. 

The game is won by the most efficient team – the one that answer the fewest number of questions.  The game is appropriate for everyone, because although you must cover a distance of several kilometers, every team can choose their own pace and route. Before declaring the winners, we review different strategies the teams chose together and see who made which decisions and how. This review lasts about 15 minutes.  We will provide a LED headlamp for every participant.

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Group size             Price for participants
12 – 30 people                  30 €
31 – 60 people                  25 €
61 – 90 people                  19 €
91 – 120 people                16 €
More than 120 people     14 €

20% VAT will be added to the price.

Customized game is a special project and there is a project management fee of 25 € + VAT / h