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Treasure Hunt

Classical adventure game with unexpected finale

According to the legend, a valuable treasure chest buried by pirates is still undiscovered in the area. No one remembers where exactly though. However, the story remains, along with an empty chart and a pair of weird 10D glasses. If you fill in the chart, you will see the location of the treasure chest with the special glasses. To get the information for the chart, you will have to undertake a long walk and solve different tasks with your team.

Using compass and a very old map you can find out the direction where to go. It leads your team to different locations where you have to answer questions and solve several assignments. The goal of your team is to answer the questions and arrive safely and on time at the finish.{slider Read further for more details!|closed}

The map is the life line of your team; based thereon, you will find all the necessary points. The grid will be filled out in the course of the adventure. The team must reach the endpoint within the time limit. The team can choose their own sequence of visiting all the points. If you are able to surmise an answer without actually going to the point you can also skip these points.

For the successful completion of the adventure, the contribution of all the participants is necessary. All together you have to decode a radio signal, write with a giant pen while standing far away and many other exciting exercises.

Unexpected and exciting finale – you also need luck!

Excitement to the game will be added by the fact that not necessarily the fastest team finds the treasure. You also need luck! The Adventure itself is very exciting and more or less calm, though the last 5 minutes of the game are quite tense! 

The teams must be at the finish point by a specific time, when they will be given special 10D glasses. By looking at their answers with the glasses, it will become clear where the treasure is buried.

The more correct answers a team has, the quicker they will find the location. The first one to see the solution on the grid with the glasses will have a head start in digging out the treasure. Those who find the treasure can keep it.

The treasure chest holds lots of golden things, and also something sparkling, which can be consumed immediately.




Group size                Price per person
40 – 80 participants             25 €
81 – 120 participants           19 €
121 – 200 participants         16 €

20% VAT will be added to the price

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