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Connections – NEW

All year round, inside
30 - 60 min

The goal of the game.

“Connections” is the game to kickstart a meetup. 30-minute activity will foster networking between participants. Tasks encourage communication and fact-finding among them. The outcome is shared moments in the form of selfies. The tasks will give a reason for communication. Photos are used to extract personal stories. The goal of the game is to take selfies with as many different persons as possible.

Why this game is cool?

  1. Easy to run a short activity. No location-specific setup needed.
  2. Networking and collaborating 
  3. Works best indoors (in one room)
  4. Duration is 30 minutes
  5. Participants from 12 to hundreds (taking into account the room space)
  6. Best played in pairs but works with up to 5 persons in a team as well 


Why would you want to implement “Connections” in your event company?


  • The game is easy to modify, so it is very suitable for corporations wanting to add their own content to the game
  • It is possible to shorten the game time and leave some tasks out in an easy way
  • Has a clear and exciting goal with lots of interaction
  • It can be a backup if weather conditions for outdoor game fail
  • Suits well when conditions for players to move around are limited

When ordering a game together with another game, a -15% discount applies to the game.

Ask for a special offer for larger events.

The game is also suitable for children’s birthday parties!


Group size           Price for participants
12 – 30 people                  33 €
31 – 60 people                  28 €
61 – 90 people                  22 €
91 – 120 people                19 €
More than 120 people     17 €

20% VAT will be added to the price.