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Seiklus- ja matkafirma 360 KRAADI
Via playful, challenging and sometimes intense activities, people become better acquainted with themselves and others.
We organize adventurous nature trips every season everywhere in Estonia. Canoeing, fatbiking, kayaking, bogshoeing and etc.
Mobile games invite you to discover your favorite regions all over Estonia. Whether you play alone, with a best friend or with the whole family, it's always fun!


Hariv  meelelahutus
Hedman Law Office
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The game was truly fun and well organized, but unfortunately we didn't lucky with the weather and had to move on black ice. We would like to thank cheerful and helpful organizers for great emotions!
Mänguline  koolitus
Pallas & Partnerid
------  ------
The team enjoyed the whole event very much. The introduction and conculusionary session contributed to the good spirits of the whole evening and our team. This game needs to be played in its full scale, otherwise it's not the same. For us, it was just what we needed.
Sügisene  räätsamatk
Kühne+Nagel IT Service Centre
------  ------
Hi! The hike was fun and the participants werer happy. Our thanks go to Triin who was very attentive, helpful and talked about our multicultural team about the bog in a way that was intersting to everyone. So, once again, thank you! :)