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Lahemaa fatbike tour

All year round, in daylight

This time our tour takes us 60 km east from Tallinn and to be more precise we are going to Lahemaa National Park, Pärispea peninsula, which is the most northern mainland part of Estonia. This mysterious land was kept closed in The Soviet Union era and so this part of Estonia is especially well preserved. In the middle of forrest and nature this place can reveal itself from the side, that you did not expect from the place like that. In our journey we will try, how fatbikes work on sand, gravel, forrest trails and a bit even on asfalt.

To discover Pärispea peninsula, we have to start from The village Pärispea, from where at first we can see Estonian most Northern mainland part, Purekari cape. From there we turn our frontwheels to nearest sand beach, to test fatbikes on extreme landscape. A bit interesting sightseeing near old fish farm and climbing on landscape, when allready we have to turn down from beach, through scottish highland bulls courious looks to small car road. This tiny village car road leads us to dark and abandoned Soviet reasearch center witch kept eye on all Soviet submarines that moved around in the Baltic sea. This secret was 25 years ago known only by very selected people. After all of that starts awesome forrest trails, that gives you extra push just to get back to the village where we started and finish our thrilling 3 hour ride.


about 3 h



What´s included?

Helmet, reflecting vests
Bikebacking bags


49€ per person (minimal cost 490€ for 10 pax)


To join a group or request a tour, contact or phone: +372 56668172


Organisation fee for groups 12-20 persons:

49€ + VAT per participant( picnic is excluded)
57€  + VAT per participant(picnic in included).

The price includes:
Trail quide services
Use of a fatbike.
Helmet, reflective vest and large bicycle bag phone: +372 56668172