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No Easy Day

Aastaringselt, sees/väljas
2.5 h

Engaging team building activity

No Easy Day is an adventurous team building practice, where the most important tool is communication. During the activity you can see the development of communication between the players. 
It is a real team building activity inspired by intelligence operations rather than just a fun entertaining activity.

Each team will be divided into two groups – headquarters and shock-troops. 2 members of each team will be headquarters. Their task is to follow shock-troops on the screen and guide them to different checkpoints using only a radio transmitter. Each team can be on the air for only 1 minute at the stated interval, so the information has to be short and clear. Shock-troops have to follow headquarters’ instructions and find as many check points as possible. Both groups have important roles to make the mission a success and bring their team to victory!

The team who can effectively communicate under such tough conditions, can also realise it in their everyday work. Throughout the game, players learn to pass on more detailed information but also to make the right decisions based on the given information. 
At the end of the game there is a discussion and analysing space for players. They can recall the excitement and share their experiences.

The game lasts for 2,5 hours (1,5 – 2 hours active part). The game is suitable for everyone. You can choose if you want to run outside or lead the groups inside. Shock-troops will walk about 5 – 6 km outside. Be ready for the real adventure! There may not be comfortable path to lead you to the expected check point.

Like in real intelligence operations, there will be a communication centre with the needed equipment (the antennas, computers, big screen etc.). Teams will use radio transmitters and trackers. Headquarters will follow teams on a big screen.

The game is well suited for bigger groups, who want to connect fun entertainment with team building activities. The suspense and the level of difficulty in the game depends on the number of teams playing. The more the merrier! In each team there should be at least 5 – 6 team members.


We provide all the needed materials, preparations and organisation, as well as a prize for the best team. The game can be conducted in Estonian, English and Russian. 


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Group size                 Price per person
16 – 40 participants             33 €
41 – 70 participants             28 €

22% VAT will be added to the price

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