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Teamwork Olympics

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The fun and engaging challenge

Teamwork Olympics is an outdoor event, which consists of entertaining games and teamwork exercises. The main idea of this game is to work together! Engaging exercises pose a challenge to all participants and makes competition inside the team possible. You will find out if it is pure luck, or the key to success lies in efficient teamwork.

How to play this game?

There are from 6 to 10 players in each team. The event lasts for two hours and takes place at the same spot, so there is no need to walk long distances in order to reach the location of the next game. It ensures that all participants will be able to see what other teams are doing and share their fun moments. The exercises are done using special equipment, though you do not have to prepare yourself in any way to pass those tasks and they can not cause any harm to players.

There are up to 8 fun teamwork exercises in the game

In total the teams to go through 8 different fun exercises, their main idea is trust, good communication hard work in order to achieve the common goal. In order to achieve the better results participants might have to take part in some exercises several times.
Team success at the Teamwork Olympics is brought by flexibility, good management, and the ability to use alternative communication methods. During the game these characteristics are improved and mastered.

Where can you play this game?

This event would be prefect for small training events. The game is conducted in English, Estonian and Finnish languages. This game would also suit well for multilingual audience, because during the game it is possible to communicate it different ways, not only by speaking!

  • We organize the event for you from beginning to the and and provide the prize and golden medals to the best team.
  • You can play this game next to any lodging establishment.
  • Group size: from 15 to 30 people.
  • The game lasts for 2 hours including the introduction and the review.

To order

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Group size                  Price per person
15 – 20 participants             34 €
21 – 30 participants             29 €

22% VAT will be added to the price

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