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100 MÖLKI is a strategy game for teams with tablets, where success is achieved with good planning and cleverness!

The game is particularly exciting because of the constantly changing situation in which a team must react rapidly and adjust its game plan accordingly. It resembles the classic Finnish Mölkky game with wooden blocks, but it takes place on a large area, in which team members have to end up in certain virtual spots.

The game’s ‘playing field’ consists of the surrounding landscape, through which virtual checkpoints are spread out. With the help of the tablet you have to find the points, and when they have been reached, you have to answer questions and solve tasks.

In order to win, team has to get as close to 100 points as possible and answer all of the questions. The closer to 100 and the more questions answered the better!{slider Read further for more details|closed}For each correct answer the team gets a specified number of either plus or minus points. Each wrong answer gives zero points. The whole game can be viewed on the screen of a big tablet computer, where you can see the location of checkpoints on the map, a clue for the question’s topic, and the amount of points you will get for the correct answer.

The team that has opened all of the questions , and which has received 100 points, wins.

You have a chance to win the game when you answer all of the questions correctly. But that doesn’t always happen. So if collecting points just isn’t working out the way you want it to, you might need to make a few new decisions and choices. You have to decide which points you are going to visit – those that are closer or those that are further away – or in which topics your teammates are the strongest.

The game could also include questions or tasks that are related to your company. The distance covered is 2-6 km at an easy pace.

The game suits well for summer days with a large number of participants, as well as youth and children’s events.

  • We take care of all of the preparations and organisation for the game and provide a prize for the best team
  • 100 MÖLKI can take place anywhere in Estonia – in the countryside or in towns
  • The game can also take place in the dark! We provide the participants with LED headlamps.
  • The size of the group can be 10 to 500 people, divided into teams of 3-5 people
  • Together with the introduction and summary, the game lasts for approximately 2 hours

To order

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Group size           Price for participants
12 – 30 people                  33 €
31 – 60 people                  28 €
61 – 90 people                  22 €
91 – 120 people                19 €
More than 120 people     17 €

20% VAT will be added to the price.

Customized game  is a special project and there is a project management fee of 25 € + VAT / h

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