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Seiklus- ja matkafirma 360 KRAADI

Crazy Deals – NEW

All year round, inside
30 - 90 min

Having good knowledge is important, but making crazy good deals is even more so

Communication and trading game for large audiences. It will make people naturally interact within and between teams. There are many roles to fill in each team, so everybody will be busy.

We do following:

  • organize the game for you at any location you need.
  • insert your company-specific content into the game.
  • respond with very short notice.

Set up:


  • set of unique cards ( ca 5 cards)
  • one tablet (or use a phone)


  • To show game progress on


  • Each card has a task number and a QR to open the task.

Game flow: 

Each card opens a task. Correct answer gives points. When the task is completed (correct or incorrect) the card can not be used by your team anymore. Trade it with other tables to open more tasks. Hint! Use your knowledge about the task when trading.


  1. Fits right into more festive events.
  2. Works really well with big screen events.
  3. Makes people in each table work together.
  4. Makes people in different tables communicate.
  5. Very easy to add custom tasks to the game.
  6. Easy to brand (big screen, cards, puzzles, game design).


Group size           Price per participant
15 – 30 pax                        30 €
31 – 60 pax                        25 €
61 – 90 pax                        19 €
91 – 120 pax                      16 €
More than 120 pax           14 €

22% VAT will be added to the price.