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Money Race

All year round

A thrilling adventure game on tablets that is great for big and very big events.

It is a free movement orientation game on a landscape that demands strategic planning throughout the game. It’s all about teamwork.

How to play?

At the beginning there will be formed teams of 5-6 participants. In 2,5 hours they have to race through as many check points as possible. Each team will get a tablet computer with a map for navigation. You have to plan your route carefully, because different check points have different values. The more difficult points and the further distance ones give you more virtual money that the closer ones.

There are 4 different team-building exercises in the game.

Solving special exercises will give you great amount of virtual money. You can choose, if you spend more time in solving these exercises or collecting money on a move. Exercises are fun and demand benefit of all team members. In addition there are toll zones in the game. You have to avoid toll zones, where you can loose money from your virtual account. Winner is the team, who collects more money.

The game can be adapted to meet the needs of your company or team – add questions or team exercises on the topics from the day’s workshop, video messages from the boss, pictures of products, or audio files to guess the voices from your company’s office.

To order

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Group size                    Price per person

25 – 40 participants              32 €
41 – 80 participants             28 €
81 – 120 participants           23 €
121 – 300 participants         20 €

22% VAT will be added to the price.

Customized game is a special project and there is a project management fee of 25 € + VAT / h.

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