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In Valkla

All year round



40 km from Tallinn, it is possible to access a beautiful recreation centre from the village of Valkla from which it is possible to get to a lovely sandy beach which is a great place to explore on fatbikes. The sandy beach is very diverse, it is possible to either cycle along the smooth sandy beach or the hilly dunes, the tempo will not change, because the wide tyres of the bicycle ensure a comfortable ride in every situation.
Every now and then, there are odd but interesting old houses on the beach, stony parts of the beach also offer some technical tinkering, some narrow trails and water crossings offer excitement. When the beach ends, we will turn towards the road through the forest and pass through the very colourful and beautiful Kaberneeme village. On the other side of the village, there is the tip of the peninsula where it is a good time to have a short break and enjoy the view. After that, we only have to ride back through the village and then we will stay in the forest by the beach where the crisscrossed and hilly bicycle trails make the eyes of every bicycle fan sparkle. From a higher spot, it is also possible to see the beach view from a different angle. When the trip is finally over, only the feeling of regret lingers about the fact that these fun and interesting 3 hours passed so quickly.

Length of the hike

The duration is about 3 hours. We will start the hike from Valkla Recreation Centre.

Level of difficulty

Easy, sandy beaches and village rides are suitable for everyone.


Organisation fee for groups 12-20 persons:

49€ + VAT per participant( picnic is excluded)
57€  + VAT per participant(picnic in included).

The price includes:
Trail quide services
Use of a fatbike.
Helmet, reflective vest and large bicycle bag phone: +372 56668172