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Mystery of Karl Väino

All year round

Just like Estonian Da Vinci code! There are puzzles to solve, lots of movement in the area and effective teamwork needed in this new exciting field game.

Each team will get the copy of briefcase which filled with mysterious equipment that used to belong to Karl Väino. In order to solve the mystery of Karl Väino’s briefcase you need to explore the area by using equipment from the bag, investigate hints, break the codes and solve puzzles.

According to the legend, one mysterious box has been found during moving National Museum. There is a warning written in Russian on the box „Using force while opening the box, will destroy everything in it“. The Museum workers confirmed that the box really belonged to Karl Väino.

Test your team!

Karl Väino was well known because of his leather briefcase. He had it with him all the time – in every meeting and he even went to sauna with it. There are lots of legends about the owner of the briefcase. With time the legend has changed. One of them says that Karl Väino hid something really valuable. All the hints to find treasure are kept in the briefcase.

Now as the mysterious box has been found, you have a great opportunity to find out what is in it.

We have 25 copies of Karl Väino’s famous suitcase. It includes Russian rubles, a vodka bottle, some tools and other equipment that first doesn’t make much sense. Each team will get the copy of the suitcase and a „modern smart helper“. In order to open the box you need to break the mystery and solve all puzzles.

There are 6-7 members in one team. All puzzles and challenges are located in the different places on the field. You have to use tablet in order to find the right place. Each solved puzzle will take you to the next one. The game is suitable for everyone. There are hints helping you to solve puzzles and move on. However, using the hints will decrease your chance to win. Excitement and tension will be guaranteed. The team which gives the biggest effort, will choose their prize first.

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© Copyright of the Mystery of Karl Väino belongs to Adventure company 360 KRAADI .  Created in 2017. Idea: Linda, in team: Andre, Eric.


Group size                Price per participant
12 – 30 people                  33 €
31 – 60 people                  28 €
61 – 90 people                  22 €
91 – 120 people                19 €
Over 120 people                16 €

22% VAT will be added to the price.

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