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Seiklus- ja matkafirma 360 KRAADI

80’s Game – NEW

45-90 MIN

Are you ready to travel back in time to the crazy 80’s?

In this game, you have a great opportunity to do this, but only if you are willing to accept the challenge of solving an important mission. More precisely, you have to find out and bring the song of one of the most famous games of this era to the present day. However, you shouldn’t dwell on the past for too long, because otherwise you might change the present and it can have serious consequences!

How it works?

All participants will be divided into smaller teams. Each team will receive a tablet computer and a copy of a magazine from that time. On the tablet, a playing field opens for you, where you have to go through 4 different rounds. Each round has different tasks and if you answer correctly, you’ll get hints to complete the mission. In order to solve the tasks, you need to use a magazine, which allows to share different roles within the team. It’s also important to complete the mission within the given time.

What is the benefit of this game?

1 . Suitable for events of different nature.
2 . It is possible to involve together in the activity from 12 people to several hundred.
3 . Makes people in every team work together.
4. Allows the participants to relive the wonderful times of youth for many.
5. Unlike many other activities, it is well suited for joint activities for people of different generations.

If you are interested in the game or want more information, write to or call +372 56632979