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Skating trips

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Slide straight onto an island or on the glassy ice of a bog pool with curvy shores – a thrilling experience is guaranteed.

Skating trips are also trips most dependent on the weather, because the ice must be snowless and smooth. If ice like that is found somewhere, one must act quickly because the weather could change. Therefore the most certain way to be able to take part in a skating adventure is to keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Suitable conditions may arise wherever: from the bogs of Alutaguse to the islets of the Väinameri Sea. We constantly keep an eye on the ice conditions and we immediately make it known via our newsletter when good skating ice has been found.
If you wish to go on a skating trip with a group and want to plan it in advance by booking accommodation, sauna and dinner earlier, then you must take into consideration that there might not be ice suitable for skating on that day and we must find an alternative activity. For example, a ski tour, snowshoe hike or some team game.

Ice usually starts to form on the bog pools at the end of December and beginning of January. The bays of Haapsalu, Saunja and Matsalu freeze mostly in the middle or towards the end of January, the Väinameri Sea at the end of January/in February, depending on the winter. The skating conditions are usually better in Western Estonia, because there is less snow and more bodies of water, for example the bog pools of Marimetsa, Lake Tänavjärv, bays of Saunja and Haapsalu, etc.

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Organisation fee for groups starting from 12 persons:
38€ + VAT/participant (picnic is excluded)
46€ + VAT/participant (picnic is included)