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Seiklus- ja matkafirma 360 KRAADI


ca 3 h

Kicksledging is definetly interesting active way how to feel wintertime.

Kicksledge was used by nordic fishermen who had to cover distances in winter on sea ice. Lot of people used kicksledges to move in villages to go to shop or visit friends. With kickslege, moving is faster and easier than walking. We are using modern, light and sporty Kickspark max kicksledges. We are providing tours with kickslege in forest routes.


Group till 10 pax is 350€, every additional person is 35€

Price includes:

  • Guide
  • Kicksledge
  • Ice shoes (will attach to your boots)
  • Waterproof bag ( on sea ice)
  • VAT

Contact phone: +372 56668172

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