Seal watching and skiing on ice

At the end of February and at the beginning of March is the best time for skiing on the fast ice in West of Estonia in Väinameri. Well the skiing is one part, but also it gives us great opportunity to look for seals, who are giving a birth during this time.



 This year we did our 2 day tour at the beginning of March in Varbla islet area, which is West of Estonia.

The weather was great- it was sunny, almost no wind and the ice edge was close. The seals are just in this area where is the edge of ice and open water. We skied a while, notice some wintering birds on the water. But mostly we were amazed about ridges and hummocked ice, their shape and how high they were!

Very soon we saw some heads looking at us from water- seals. There were two of them, later another two. At least one of them was Ringed Seal and the others probably Greay Seals. We were hoping to see any seal breathing holes or some marks about seals, but not this time.

Still it was a great experience and cant wait to go again!

Nipernaadi rännak maastikumängMeeskonnakoolitused