Wolf tracking with ETV

During the Estonian winter we do several snowshoeing trips to watch wildlife and track wolf pack and lynx.

In the 10 th of January we were in Alutaguse with ETV to film wolf tracks. Of course, we needed to find the tracks first. Luckily our colleague saw fresh ones and we headed the area he pointed.







So we clip on our snowshoes and we went to the directions the wolf tracks took us. At the gravel road corner wolves had been marked their territory. Not far we also found fresh wolf scat.

Tracks took us deeper into the forest, in a while they turned off from little forest road. We followed and very soon we saw several wolf sleeping places- melted mark on the snow. Around that area was a lot of tracks. Soon we found lower jaw of young wild boar.


Nipernaadi rännak maastikumängMeeskonnakoolitused