Kajakimatkad merel, suurematel jõgedel ja järvedel

If the word „TOUR" calls up images of big buses, crowds and long lines, think about this:

Waves lapping against miles of untouched sea shore,
2222 sparsely populated islands and islets.
Waterfowl and wildlife, wildflowers, and wandering sheep,
And 19 hours of summer daylight,
all off Estonia's western coast.

Then, think of approaching those islands by sea kayak, guided by

Estonia's oldest kayaking tour operator: 360.

We'll take short island hikes through Estonian nature,
introduce you to a diverse cultural heritage
that included Russian czars, Vikings,
Swedish fishing communities,
and Soviet military installations.

Nature always offers surprises, and we, at 360 like to throw in some unexpected adventures, too!

Our tours are suited for both beginning and experienced kayakers, age 14 and up.

Our kayaks are stable.

Our routes are safe.

Our hikes are „gentle" - easily managed.

All you need is a sleeping bag and personal items!

Come alone (or with a companion or two) and join a scheduled tour. Or, with your own group of 6 or more, we'll accommodate your timing. Join us for easy-going, professionally guided excursions through Estonian islands and their treasures, past and present.

Pick a day and have a great kayaking time with us!

In 2017 kayak tours in Tallinn take place at 13:00 o´clock on 28th of june, 26th of july and 23th of august

Join us for a trip to Hiiumaa - the greatest kayaking area in the Baltics!  

Come with us for a two-day kayaking and hiking trip to Pakri islands, and discover a small world of huge contrasts!

Aegna is a history-rich island in Tallinn bay. The waters around Aegna are well protected and the paddling distances are relatively short.

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