Meeskonnatöö mängud koostöö arendamiseks

Practice makes perfect!

„Increasing turnover“ is a new team building game. The benefit of this game is higher when played by the larger group from the same company.  While playing this game, you can also improve collaboration skills of your team,
along with increasing turnover. Received experience can be easily used in everyday life. There is no competition in the game, all the participants have the same aim to work for!

Classical adventure game with unexpected finale

According to the legend, a valuable treasure chest buried by pirates is still undiscovered in the area. No one remembers where exactly though. However, the story remains, along with an empty chart and a pair of weird 10D glasses. If you fill in the chart, you will see the location of the treasure chest with the special glasses. To get the information for the chart, you will have to undertake a long walk and solve different tasks with your team.

Engaging team building activity


No Easy Day is an adventurous team building practice, where the most important tool is communication. During the activity you can see the development of communication between the players. It is a real team building activity inspired by intelligence operations rather than just a fun entertaining activity.

Money Race is for the player that are dexterous, sharp-witted and with high team spirit. In that game you have to use both – your brain and feet. Because that’s what you do if you compete for money!

It is a free movement orientation game on a field that demands strategic planning throughout the game. It’s all about teamwork!

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