Film festival

Film Festival is a great team building game. You realise that everything is possible if you work together. It is super easy to create a Film company and shoot movies. It definitely brings out creativity and good humour of your colleagues and friends.

Story of the festival

According to the game story, video clips of Film Festival didn't arrive. To save the night, all participants have to create few clips to have something to watch on a big screen in the evening.

At this game, we are not looking for a new talent, so good actor skills are not priority. It's a fun entertaining game where support of all team members is essential. It doesn't matter if you are an actor, a camera man or a screen writer... All that matters is that you work in a team and have fun. The goal is to shoot 5 video clips and to enjoy the game!

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Five categories will be awarded: Nature movie, horror, action, advertisement and romance. Each movie company has to make five video clips – one in each category. When everything is ready, the show will start – Fun Day Film Festival. All clips will be watched on a big screen and members of Film Academy will rate the results – category by category.

Each team has 6 – 10 people and all together there can be up to 10 teams. Each team gets iPad for shooting video clips. You can make it easy way and hit with your good acting skills or use special effects; sounds etc or edit your clips with advanced program. IPad is fixed on tripod and you can use LED light, extra microphone and different lenses. Movie making is easy task with such equipment. Everyone can become cinematographer within a second!

During the shooting, all kind of costumes and props are available. 

Check out a video of Film Festival held in Pärnu


• Number of participants: 12 - 160
• Duration: 2 – 3 hours (or 3 - 4 hours if there is more time)
• Language: Estonian, English, Russian and Finish
• We provide all necessary equipment, props and awards
• Film Festival takes place in the rain or shine. It can be played 100% inside.

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Group size                 Price per person
12 - 20 participants             27 €
21 - 40 participants             22 €
41 - 80 participants             16 €
81 - 120 participants           13 €
121 - 160 participants         11 €

20% VAT will be added to the price

To order

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Phone: +372 56632979



  • Film festival suits well also for festive gatherings
  • Group size 15-160 
  • All year round, also indoors
  • Time: 2,5-3h või 3-4h
  • © 360 KRAADI creation 2013



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