The high level adventure!

Encrypting the others' conversations and finding correct answers from their talk is fun and exciting. Challenge your team and pass your messages the way that the other players do not understand you.

CIA is a fun adventure game which main idea is communication. It is a competition, where the teams can influence each other’s strategy.

The game is ideal for everyone, as the team itself decides the track and the tempo. CIA game offers the opportunity to develop team in a fun and relaxing way.

All teams must find answers to 20 questions about the environment/ location of the game. The winner is a team who finds most correct answers during the given time. Teams will be given radio transmitters, which they can use to ask hints from the Headquarters. They must find the answers from the environment, asking hints or listening to other teams’ conversations. The air is open to all teams; therefore everyone can listen to the conversation. Thus, it is wise to ask the hint questions in a way that they would not be understood by other teams. If you listen carefully, it is possible to find answers to the difficult tasks even without visiting the location!

*The name of the game has no connection to any association or organisation!

Number of participants

Groups of 15-60 are especially appropriate for CIA.
The optimal number for one team is 3-5 persons.

Where can CIA be organized?

There are practically no limits on where CIA can be held. The game may take place in nature, in town, in the countryside.

What language is used in the CIA?

CIA can be ordered in Estonian and English. Please notice, all players have to speak the same language!

Duration of the event

CIA takes 2 hours and a few kilometers are covered in the course of the game. Going through the results after the game takes 15-30 minutes. 





The price of CIA for 10 people 350€
Each additional person costs 20€ 

Group price (more than 35 people):

36 - 50 people 850€
51 - 60 people 1000€

Price includes VAT 20%.

To order

For additional information or to order the event, contact Linda at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: +372 56 946 379



  • CIA works well for smaller groups as a part of your teambuilding event
  • Group size 8-50 
  • All year around, only at day light
  • Time: 2-2,5h
  • EST, ENG
  • © 360 KRAADI creation 2006



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