Lihtsad ja lõbusad meeskonnamängud seminaridele

Excitement and thrill!

Traffic is a new gripping strategy game that involves all team members! The challenges are so exciting in this game that even the most impatient participants start to analyse out of their own free will, just to gain maximum results for the team. The entire activity engrosses the participants to no end! 

The new version of Photo Hunt – better and funnier!

Photo Hunt 2 is a new version of the coolest team game ever! The game was created in 2003. Now it has made a makeover and turned out even funnier and cooler than ever!

The very special orientation game!

The mystical world of sound is a fun and easy out door adventure game. In order to win the game you have to listen carefully. This game would be a great alternative for those teams who are not that much into running and quizzes. This game is a good choice as well when there is more than one language spoken in the group. You have never played anything similar to this game before!

According to the game legend there have been radio scanners found in a hidden chamber of the Glehn Castle, which used to belong to a secret scientists group. Those mysterious devices can pick up some special sounds in any part of Estonia. Many conspiracy theorists have tried to track down the mystery of these sounds. However, they haven’t manage it yet, the mystery still needs to be solved.


Just like the Da Vinci code of our own!

There are puzzels to solve, lots of movement in the area and effective teamwork needed in this new exciting field game! Each team will get the copy of briefcase. It is filled with mysterious equipment that used to belong to Karl Väino. In order to solve the mystery of Karl Väino’s briefcase you need to explore the area by using equipment from the bag, investigate hints, break the codes and solve puzzels.

Excitment and pressure are extremely high as the time is ticking and the bomb disposal experts have to defuse a bomb before the last numbers appear on the clock 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 ...

During the walk in the forest with your friends you find a summer cottage on the wheels. Open door attracts your attention and suddenly you find yourself in stranger´s private property. 

Quick look over the room refers that the owner of the place deals with some creepy things. You are heading to exit, but suddenly the door closes and the lights go off.

New Estonian national sport

Did you know that it is possible to play golf all over the Estonia, at any time? And we are not speaking about minigolf. We mean the golf which biggest value is to have a thoughtful walk in the nature. It gives a possibility to add a bit of a competition to a great company. An activity which is striving for new Estonian national sport can be played also in darkness with luminous discs and lighted baskets! Which is even more awesome than during the daylight!

Film Festival is a great team building game. You realise that everything is possible if you work together. It is super easy to create a Film company and shoot movies. It definitely brings out creativity and good humour of your colleagues and friends.

100 MÖLKI is a strategy game for teams with tablet computers, where success is achieved with good planning and cleverness! The game is particularly exciting because of the constantly changing situation in which a team must react rapidly and adjust its game plan accordingly.

The game resembles the classic Finnish Mölkky game with wooden blocks, but it takes place on a large area, in which team members have to end up in certain virtual spots.

Exciting adventure on the streets of Tallinn’s Old Town.

The Old Town Adventure is primarily appropriate for introducing the city to foreign visitors. This is a competitive adventure that takes players to most popular sights.

A well-thought-out strategy provides an advantage!

In this game, the team must make decisions about a suitable strategy and the right direction, be ready to take risks, and put their knowledge to the test.

Loquiz is an innovative outdoors quiz game, which is won by the team that answers the fewest number of questions! However, this game is different from all others - we are the first in the world to utilize a completely new type of game software designed for 10” tablet computers. Thus, you see the game plan conveniently on a large screen and can plan your path from start to finish.

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