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Rescue the Colleague

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A teamwork game where everyone’s contribution and close communication bring success.

What if all the team members’ hands are tied and a timer suitcase is ticking in the corner of the room? How to make your team work together so that in a limited amount of time you can loose the hands of all your colleagues?

How’s this game going?

In order to successfully rescue colleagues, their colleagues must be freed from their tied hands in a coordinated way and cleverly using the various opportunities. Codes and keys unlock handcuffs that require access to brainstorming, unlocking and playing through different situations. Success comes from teamwork and lively discussion to find out, which element someone is better at and who can help whom. Participants who have freed their hands may help other colleagues.

In which situations is this game appropriate?

“Rescue the Colleague” is well-suited for team training early or mid-day. The game provides a variety of input for the trainer to assess teamwork and provide feedback.
By the organizer, everything that is needed for the game, is provided. It is important that there would be found tables and chairs in the game room.



Group size           Price for participants
12 – 20 people                  33 €
21 – 25 people                  28 €

20% VAT will be added to the price

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