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Bomb disposal experts in virtual reality

12 - 40


Excitment and pressure are extremely high as the time is ticking and the bomb disposal experts have to defuse a bomb before the last numbers appear on the clock 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 …

In order to succeed, you have to cooperate as a team, communicate well and figure out how to make diferent bombs harmless. Can you enter the right code, cut the right cable, press the correct  button before the time runs out?!

New virtual reality and teamwork game

Luckily the bomb itself is virtual (so called virtual world). However, your team works in the real world. You will send one team member into virtual world to see the bomb. The ohter team members have the manual where they can read how to handle the bomb. You have to lead the member in the virtual world step by step through phonecall inorder to help him/her to defuse the bomb. The member in the virtual world gives feedback how the bomb reacts or if they are moving to the right direction. Communication and teamwork is the key to success.

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There are 3-6 members in one team. Team member with VR glasses can touch the bomb, press buttons, cut cables etc in order to make it harmless. The other team members will share roles in real world and study the manual. It is not easy to read out the manual. The team have to solve puzzles in order to find out how to handle the bomb. There are Morse codes, runic signs, mathematic equations etc to read and to solve. Just don’t forget, the time is ticking!

  • Event lasts 2,5hours (about 1,5 hours in the bombing team)
  • Languages: Estonian, English
  • Number of participants: 12-40
  • Maximum 6 VR set
  • We provide all equipment and prize for winner team

Real teamwork!

The teams start with briefing and then the competition begins. Winner is the team who can defuse more bombs in 1h. Starting with the easier bombs and each one is getting more difficult to defuse. Moving up the level, your team needs more communication and better teamwork. The roles in the team will be changed every 10 minutes.

Try and experience virtual world!

After the best team is awarded you can try on virtual glasses and experience different virtual worlds. Escape from Exit – room, fly over mountains, drive on American roller coaster etc. New experience and wow efects are guaranteed!

Where to play?

The game can be arranged anywhere. The equipment runs on battery, so no electricity needed. The game can be played indoors all year round and also outdoors during warmer season. All we ask from you is a room where your group fits in. Chairs and tables add comfort but are not essential. The game can be played in a pub, an office or anywhere you like.

Teambuilding in virtualreality VR teambuilding game


Group size           Price for participants
12 – 20 people              33 €
21 – 40 people              28 €

20% VAT will be added to the price

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