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Near tourist farms

all year round

There are very many bogs in Estonia. So many that one can find a hiking worthy bog almost near every tourist farm. In collaboration with accommodation establishments, we organise snowshoe hikes throughout the year.
After a busy company event, it is a good idea to enjoy the pristine wilderness of the bog landscape for a few hours. The duration of the hike is 1.5–3 hours and it proceeds at a leisurely pace. Anyone, who can hike on foot, can do a snowshoe hike. It includes more nature stories than rushing. We provide you with nature guides, snowshoes and gaiters. If you know which bog you would like to go to, let us know and we will recommend some suitable place of accommodation.

Extras for the snowshoe hikes

If you would like to make your snowshoe hike more exciting and useful, choose one of the free extras from the options below to add to your hike. The extras will not make the event last longer.

Snowshoe training

There are hundreds of different types of snowshoes used in the world. Beaver tail, bear claw, plastic, wooden, metal, textile, self-made snowshoes, etc. – which are the most suitable for which conditions? Why did the old Estonians use different names for snowshoes – rajad (trails), soorajad (bog trails), jääkingad (ice shoes), padinad (pit-a-pats), puuplätud (wooden slippers), etc.? Have people been using snowshoes already for thousands of years? When and why were snowshoes used in Estonia? Is it true that snowshoes were worn also by horses?
We take different types of snowshoes with us on the hike, we test and exchange them among each other. We talk about different snowshoes and their history. In addition to enjoying the nature, the purpose of this hike is to take a glance at the extremely diverse and exciting world of snowshoes.


Arrangement fee for groups 12-80 persons:

27€ + VAT/ per participant.

For reservations, please write to Triin on the e-mail address or call  +372 56668172